Technical aspects

The very complex process followed by Alquati in his paintings is the result of the addiction between difficulties and efficiency. Identikart (see Biography) means identikit of personal art. The abstracts prove actually that it’s impossible to draw a direct line which represents the whole painter Alquati, in that site you will find just a part of huge “F. Alquati Collection”, but anyway they show how even the analysis of one painting could be hard, when we’re talking about Alquati fantasy. Another prove of his extreme artistic personality are the dates: eg. 3000 or 3008. Maybe they are just a specific demonstration of an Art without time or a relief to the present ? Nobody can answer, but anyone can try to, finding out the many uncertainties still kept hidden into an admirable art of a genius.

Important people wrote about F. Alquati: Spartaco Balestrieri, Franco Moro, Ettore Bartolozzi, Dino Brivio, Germano Campione, Eligio Cesana e Gl. Cesana, Franco Conte, Alfio Coccia, Jgor Froen, Giovan Battista Galgani,Carmelo Strano, Giannino Gascardo, Giorgio Cortella, Gian Luigi Daccò, Mario Ghilardi, Carmine Mecca, Giovanni Anzani,Morando Morandini, Mario Muner, Piero Riccardi, Mario Sertoli, Carlo del Teglio, Walter Vedrini,Pier Luigi Gerosa.

To appreciate even more the various and marvellous geniality of F.Alquati and his abilities in creating and performing new figurative aspects, we recommend the following pictures: