Critic's Word

Enrico Maria Calò

The chromatic gamma is strong and clear and in many sections the painter reaches the top of pure colours. It’s the colour, in fact, that rules the painting and is the key to the personality of the painter. Alquati’s hand is very light, but it has at the same time the power of a stone sculpture, another important aspect that appears clearly in his artworks.


In the body-art studies and human polymorphic variations there’s the revelation of the hidden real behaviour of Alquati . His artworks prove, in their own mystic organization, a deep religious feeling of life.

Mario Ghilardi

Alquati loves big and huge creations and paintings. Only by defeating the space he can show his abilities ever mixed with an equilibrium between expression and moral life. His paintings show that is a painter of Faith.

Mario Monteverdi

...Not even the drama of unspoken things appears clearly from his last paintings but also a deep critic revision of what is real important along the way of life.

Luigi Valerio

His expressionism and psychological aspects are base to build the syntax of his artistic speech, able to reproduce in whole the social and moral problems that increase the weight on his artistic sensibility.

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