Franco Alquati

13 December 1924, Franco Alquati is born in Cremona, Italy. His parents were Enea and Lina Madesani. Because of his father job the family must move often and first they live in Brescia, then in Vigevano, cities where young Franco can make studies, until they reach Lecco. Here Franco joins the Classical Studies in the “Classics high school”.

1943- In September he joins as volunteer, into the Second World War, the Navy; at the first time nearby Jesolo and lately La Spezia. He fights in North Italy inland, as Piemonte and Veneto. Taken prisoner nearby Padova, English Forces deport him in the concentration camp of Algeri.

1945-1st prize at the exhibition of the War prisoners-Painters of Algeri.

1946- At the end of the year he comes back in Italy. First times are very hard because of various physical problems and the social return after political period of isolation.

1947-He draws the cover paint for a Luciano Landi drama “At 5, Evening of Christmas day (The poor ones), Milano 1948”

1948- He participates to the “Biennal of Holy Art” nearby Bergamo. 1st prize at the exhibition of “Young men Catholic Association” organized by Mario Radice at The House of People (Como) with a B/W painting: “Eurialo’s death”. Therefore he’s present with “Last sunrays on Rancio” at the Exhibition of Lecco landscapes for the 5th quinquennial of Lecco.

1949-He participates to the 5th Italian Exhibition of Holy Art at Milan. With “Kings without reign” he participates to the “Home Paintings National Award” nearby Cremona. A painting of his is the cover for the 1st number of the magazine “The Parallel” , directed by Luciano Landi.

1950-With paintings and poetry (see curiosity) he works with Don Primo Mazzolari editor of “Adesso”, fortnightly magazine with catholic orientation.

1951- He participates to the “Italian exhibition of Holy Art”, at Angelicum of Milan.

1953-He participates to the 6th quinquennial Exhibition of Lecco and to the “National Exhibition of Arengario” nearby Milan and “Little Gallery Bar”, Lecco.

1955- 1st Prize at the “Engraving and paintings National Exhibition” at Lecco for the Celebration of Alessandro Manzoni. He draws ten tables to illustrate the “Promessi Sposi” of A. Manzoni, Bartolozzi editore, Lecco 1956. Three poems of his has been published on the number Sept/October of the “Lecco Magazines”

1956-Exhibition of painters (exclusively for citizens of Lecco) at the “Little Gallery” of Lecco. A painting of his is the cover for the Sept/October number of “Lecco magazine”. He stays in Paris .

1957-A poem of his is published on the Sept/October number of “Lecco magazines”.

1958- He realizes the cardboard inspired to the city of Lecco for the arras lately created by the Esino Lario School.

1959- Exhibitions nearby “Figurative Art Centre” of Lecco and “Painters meeting”, Chiesa Valmalenco (Sondrio). 14 November is the day of his wedding with Vittoria Valtulina.

1960-Between summer and fall Alfredo Chiappori is apprentice in his advertising office.

1963-He creates some other table for the 2nd edition of th “Promessi Sposi”, editore Bartolozii, Milano 1963.

1964-A poem of his is published on March number of the Lecco Magazines. He starts a magazines called “An easy-chair of chances” and, as director, works actively with painting and poems.

1967- Personal Exhibition nearby Cremona and Livorno at “Kimera Saloon”. He’s awarded at 7th “Annual Exhibition of Graphic Italian Art” nearby Diano Marina,Imperia. He paints the tables “Domestic Journey around the sun” of Ursula Desan.

1968- Personal Exhibition at “Necchi Room” of Cremona and “Visconteo Civic Museum” of Lecco. He’s awarded with “ National Prize for Graphics, city of Cantù”. Therefore he participates to the “National landscapes Exhibition” in Rome. His landscape “Botro ai marmi” is published by M Sèrtoli, Il paesaggio nell’arte contemporanea italiana, Vol. IV, Milano , Pg.9

1969-Personal Exhibition at the “Zarina Gallery”, Lecco and at “Palazzo della Provincia”, Sondrio. He participates to 20th U.I.V .A Art Exhibition at Broletto, Como, and to 21st Art Exibition of Treviglio. In Rome he’s present to the “Italian-Argentin painters Exhibition” at Palazzo Firenze. Therefore he runs a personal exhibition of graphics-Art at the “Pianella Gallery”,Cantù.

1970- He participates to an exhibition at “Marchsani Saloon” of Chiavari and “Today’s Art through flowers” nearby Selle Ratti of Como. He also organizes a personal exhibition at the “Poliedro Gallery” of Cremona. He’s present at the “Mostra del bozzetto” at the Cavalry Palace of Brescia. Nearby Villa Olmo,Como, he joins the exhibitions of: “Circolo degli Ufficiali” (Pavia) ; “Cà Vegia Gallery”(Lecco) and S.Giacomo at Vicenza.

1971- He participates to the exhibitions at the palaces: Visconteo (Pavia) and Stresa.

1972-Two Exhibitions at “Palazzo Forti”, Verona and “Società delle belle arti” of Florence. Therefore he’s present to the “Cultural Centre” of Lumezzane.

1973-Personal exhibition at the “Il Graffito Gallery”of Crema. He participates to the exhibition organized, exclusively for the “Promessi Sposi” illustrators , in Lecco to celebrate the centenary of death of Alessandro Manzoni. Lately themonograph “Identikit of F .Alquati”(by himself projected )is published.

1974-Exhibition to the “S. Martin Gallery” of Mntecatini Terme.

1975-1st prize “Tavolozza d’oro Award, city of Milan” and “Ilaria Prize” nearby Varese.

1976-Exhibition at “International Centre” of Villa Joele (Fiumelatte) (LC).

1977- Exhibition at “Palace Hotel” of Cannes and at “International Centre” of Villa Joele (Fiumelatte) (LC). He’s therefore present to an exhibition in the “Visconti Gallery” (Lecco). Carmelo Strano publishes the “Divertissement di Franco Alquati”, Milano. Exhibition at Torino Academy.

1979- The “The Last Supper” (1973) is the cover for the 2nd number of “Lecco Magazines new edition”. Therefore he participates to an exhibition at the International Centre of Fiumelatte (LC).

1980- Personal Exhibition of the “Stamperia del Moretto” at “Il Capricorno Gallery” of Bormio (Sondrio).

1983-He dies,Lecco, 25 November.

1985- Exhibition of personal drawings at the “Altair new Gallery” of Lecco.

1986-25 May there’s the inauguration of the statue dedicated to Navy casualties of 2nd World War, projected by F .Alquati.

Along the same years Alquati has joined and participated to many and various exhibitions. Awarded with 5 National Prizes, he has directed or actively worked with journals and magazines, while he was trying to keep himself to top of graphic performance, working really hard to increase the knowledge of different and complex Art-Technics. He’s present on the Comanducci Dictionary and into the Universal Encyclopaedia SEDA.

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